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Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

-Pablo Picasso

It takes motivation to put down this article. It takes motivation for you to read it (even if it’s just a glimpse). Motivation drives the will and makes man who he is. But wait! It’s not always in the form of that “special” urge in which we’re almost inebriated and supercharged to do what we aim for. It is often indeed subtle, yet salient.

I assume that everyone has his/her special motivational speaker or icon to look up to. I need not mention names in order to refrain from being biased. Whatever be the case, there’s something about them, and yourself too, you’d be surprised to know.

Nothing New Under the Sun
With all sincerity, I ask: Is there something entirely new the speaker said, which you’ve never heard before? I doubt so. Even this article will not be entirely new to you. Obviously, we keep hearing again and again words which fascinate us, thrill us, and if you like, inspire us. It’s that human factor: no one is an island of knowledge, and yet no one is also completely devoid of ideas.

We All Need to Feed on Something
It’s that human factor again. We all must believe in something – it’s not just a placebo effect: we are indeed propelled from within! On a general scale, we’d be more eager to achieve a goal because we know someone else has done so. It gives us a sort of mental insurance knowing that our plans are shaped by one whom we deem as successful. We all need encouragement and approval. And approval, we must get – it’s only natural that we feel this personal connection with the motivational speaker. He, or she, speaks our mind, and is our ally in being what we want to.

The Work Just Began
Very often, this will be the scenario: That awkward moment when I realise that success isn’t as straightforward as the speaker proposed. Many a person are weighed down by this dawn of reality. Well, what were you expecting? No matter the inspiration, hard work will always be hard work – at least, there must be a little, or big, sacrifice to offer up. Inspiration has done it’s part, it’s time to give perspiration it’s due. The worst idea we could possibly have is a conception of excluding success and successful people from tormenting crosses ( not often as extreme as I put it); at least we need a little thorn to accompany the bed of roses.

The True Light of Motivation
You have an idea, the speaker develops it. You have a plan, the speaker spices it up. You have a conviction, the speaker gives you the approval nod. Waiting for him to give you a goal is equivalent to mediocrity. It’s a fear to fail, yet it is failure’s first criterion.

In the end, you knew these all along. I only reminded your subconscious mind. It is in struggles that we appreciate winning. It is in winning that we love our sufferings.