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A throne is only a bench covered with velvet

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Once upon a time, equity was defined by virtue of dignity, possession, and relationship sameness. Boy! things have changed a lot. By virtue of being born human, that’s enough equality you can ask of. For the sake of this article, I’d classify the human race into two: the Kings and the wretches. Pardon me for the extreme nature of such words – it is only for clarity sake.

But while we think that these two groups are totally repelled against each other, look closely again – they are more related than we imagine. They exist in such an inseparable “bond” that seems almost impossible to break. Stay with me on this one: let us unravel the mystery together!

The Faces of a Biased Coin
This analogy might help us in getting somewhere. The kings have only a 3% probability of winning the coin toss, but in the end, they win 97% of the time. Why? The answer lies in the coin.

If we assume that both faces of this coin are made up of the weights of the kings and wretches respectively, we find out that the heaviness of the coin lies towards the wretches’ end, therefore the coin tends to fall face down to give the kings the upper hand.

This is what happens in nature. If the coin represents life’s opportunities, it is tossed fairly but the dynamics of gravity and the coin’s intrinsic weight will cause a biased landing. All isn’t fair in the end.

Top of the Food Chain, Down the Drain
The dynamics of the food chain lies in the fact that those at the top are spoilt for choice. Adversity starts from down below, giving those at the top ample time to adjust. But again, the vast number at the ground level will eventually outweigh the tide, hence buffering the adverse effects that ascend to the top.

In all, this pyramid of a system is stable and beats the tide every single time.

Chaos Amidst Equality
Perhaps a hard fact to swallow is the realisation that perfect equality, in its strict sense, will ultimately lead to chaos. The equilibrium lies towards a heterogeneous stability.

A line of kings do not make up a kingdom. What’s the use of being a king when everyone else is? But as nature would have it, redundancy is discouraged. The fingers should never be equal.

Truth: Kings Depend on the Wretches
Amazed? Don’t be! For emphasis, I’d say it again: the kings depend more on the wretches than the other way round. From the biased coin, food chain, and chaos theories, we see that the kings are protected by the masses of wretches.

Without a king, wretches may be chaotic but they’ll still exist – what can be worse than the zero level? Unlike a king, without wretches, will not exist: he becomes obsolete and goes into extinction.

Relevance of Classroom Theories
After all has been said, there’s one salient point: although we can alleviate our society’s poverty, not everyone can be rich. It’s no curse, it’s reality! For who would play the role of king or wretch isn’t mine to say, but the system finds a way to maintain its equilibrium. Interestingly, the balance lies not in the centre. It belongs to the wretches.

Kings, respect the wretches; you owe everything to them. Wretches, you own the system, albeit not in your control.