Over dark waters I sail
And waiting to exhale
My prologue to the den of life
Begins with this strange, eerie feeling
Darkness and the hot mist all surround
And with my first whiff of breath
I cried.

Tears poured out for the impure air
And for the atmosphere of unwelcoming gloom
Mysterious people! Oh! Mysterious people!
If only thou wouldst meet my heart’s needs
‘Cos a firm line hast now separated me from my comfort zone
Reality becomes a cruel awakening

Over dark waters I sail
Still expecting to exhale
Behold I thrive in this ecosystem of woes
Learning from the academies of hate
Growth from the green eyes of envy
Life becomes a competition
Kill if needs be

Over dark waters I sail
When do I exhale?
I’m sick of the endless shadows
All affairs which only lead to the abyss
I, a master of all vanities
Am of myself, a slave
Oh! Unending anguish! Perdition isn’t far away

Over dark waters I sail
And hoping to exhale
My mind’s obscurity is all too glaring
The pitch-black life I gaze into
Gloom must pay heed to the impending gleam
‘Tis time for insight to come of age
Obscurity will accuse me of treason
But this is the only road towards reason

Over dark waters I sail
Finally I can exhale
For I realise that there is only one truth
Of which darkness would never conquer light
Of all my treasures of rust and moths
My tranquil soul will take delight in its deliverance
From the murky storm.

Luke O. Ogar