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Bad choices make good stories”

You only live life once, but that’s enough to count a thousand and one mistakes we’ve made. Though lived once, life affords us the opportunity to begin and begin anew. It then becomes strange that time and again, we falter over what all other generations failed to overcome.

And while some of the things I’ll mention are not mistakes in themselves, we would realise that it’s virtually a vicious cycle we live in. Being so subtle most often, we may not see these cracks in the beautifully painted wall.

Childhood Woes
Almost everyone would look back at his/her childhood and say they could have done better. Filled with activity, children are almost always restless and seem not to learn anything. I remember that my parents always insisted we all had siesta every afternoon. Perhaps they valued the importance of sleep, or they were just trying to ward off the nuisance. Anyway, we never really complied – we spent two hours in the room staring at the wall. Sometimes we had to apply sputum over the cheeks to make it look real.

Now, being a little older, I crave for such “compulsory siesta” but never do get one. Tragic! Really…

School Days
Even up to the tertiary level, many people are still trying to figure out why school is necessary. Anyway, important or not, we’re always advised to prepare early before exams come knocking. Do we heed the call? Many times, no! Until the eleventh hour, we seem not to value the books.

And it’s not that we don’t intend passing, we sometimes have genuine plans for preparing early; somewhere along the line, the plans get choked up. OK, next term/semester will be different! But is it different? Many times, no!

No More School. Whew!!!
Lazy or not, somehow we’ll graduate: no more lectures from all sorts of obnoxious professors. But this is the point we realise if only we had done better in school, life would have been a little bit easier.

True, no more teachers, but we’ll have bosses. For those who want to be their own bosses, it’ll be a little more complicated. It’s sad to see that we may have to learn the things we abandoned in school. And I thought school was over…

Unending Paradise of Love
Sincerely, everyone (or almost everyone) wants to find that perfect somebody and also be a perfect lover. Fine! That’s the intention, but do we see this? Not often. Somehow we’re caught up in the midst of so many things that even the mere sustenance of a relationship is a heavy burden, talk more of making it grow. Did we do something wrong?

The Best Parent Ever
Already, there’s a litany of regrets; we want to make up for them. Yes! We can be good parents – teach our children what we failed to achieve. That’s the intention. Yet, is this the case in our homes? Not many! Again, in a bid to cater for our children, we overlook the importance of our physical presence. Somehow they’ll turn out good, we hope.

In a contrast of dreams and disasters, we seem to be at opposite poles or parallel lines which never meet. Yet we often wonder: where did we go wrong?

The Ageing Sage
We all have good intentions, but they’re not sufficient. Soon enough, we’ll be wise to discern life’s tortuous course, but at what expense? Beginning again and again, we can; if only we can hold closely the little pearls of life.

Luke O. Ogar