Running wild and free
Laden with bliss eternally
We gambol with carefree bliss
Treading along in innocent peace

Like children, we learn life’s foremost lessons
Like children, we obtain celestial blessings
We are not afraid to be mistaken
We would not resist being broken

Like children, we feel a need to be deviant
Like children, the detour seems to be pleasant
We play in the sun till our feet get baked
We dance in the rain till the shiver leaves us shaked

Like children, we are vulnerable to things oblivious
Like children, we may not recognise things obvious
But thrive, we will
We must be guided, lest we let out a shrill

Like children, we ought to be
Like children, minds of purity
Meek, simple, loving, trusting
Life shall be ours for the taking.

Luke O. Ogar