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“Every lover is a soldier”
– Ovid

There is something good hidden in the average dim and dumb lad which requires a lass to decipher. On this note, let me state that it pains us all to see that our mental derogatory judgments are often proven wrong – not because we don’t wish the best for others, but because more often than not, we should have been part of the success story: if only we believed! The phases of a man is not as complex as that of a woman, yet the womenfolk often fail to identify the princes within. For many years a man may appear goalless, clueless, raggedy, and block headed, only to later turn out a genius or something of such nature. That’s the story of the Frog Prince.

The Principle of Uncertainty
In 1927, Werner Heisenberg described the uncertain nature of the velocity of small particles. Little did he know that the velocity of many large particles would be uncertain. A man certainly is. His ever-changing face gives an unforgiving betrayal to the ease of knowing future prospects. Line up ten boys of fifteen years each: it’s hard to distinguish them – almost always looking rascally and uninteresting to the eyes.

The bigger problem is that the average guy is secretive concerning future plans, investment, etc. No matter how open he is, many plans are left for personal consumption – not even his girlfriend knows all.

The First Mistake
Erroneous enough, ladies are often seen to be more matured than their male counterparts. But wait a minute! On what basis? Orderliness? Woman-like features? What? I’ve argued this many times over, and the only point raised is that ladies easily fit into an intimate relationship even with a man of forty. Well…if I may ask, most guys at 20 do not take “settling down” as a foremost priority. Willingness is different from ability.

This assumption of ladies being more matured increases the probability that the guys of the same age would be snubbed, underrated, disrespected, and treated unfairly. I’m not clamouring for “male equality” – it’s the truth. This the major reason, I believe, why ladies would prefer the older guys (on the average). So, not only is our lad looking raggedy, he is treated as such accordingly.

Counting Losses
How do you work with disappointment as a drive? Ask the average young man. Some may fail to admit it, but their onetime crush or lover absconded on account of disbelief. Hard to say, he’ll have settle for someone else. It’s that point where you’d wish he was in a fairy tale. No happy ending, boy! Get up and clean the mess of tears you’ve made!

Any Harvest?
In the end, someone gets along with someone else. The only problem is that no two lads are the same – they may have the same paycheck yet different personalities. Life’s a tough lesson. Learning is inevitable: in tears of joy or sorrow. The sad thing about disappointments is that, you see the fault but you’re not within the reach to fix it.

Luke O. Ogar