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Photo of Earth taken by William Anders on Dec. 24, 1968 as part of the Apollo 8 Mission orbiting the Moon

Out of black and void space
Life is seen in its trace
I wonder, oh I wonder
What lies within that blue planet so yonder?
It lies, oh it lies in sleeping beauty
Peace and harmony, in perfect tranquility

What moves you o Terra, that you exist?
What sustains you o Gaia, in the least?
For millennia, thine people have walked these plains
They have been nourished with food that sustains
Hence Gaia lies, oh she lies, in sleeping beauty
Peace and harmony will coexist with perfect tranquility

Aye! Aye!! William beheld a glorious vision
Blessed be that view of glory’s extension
Nay! Nay!! He needed no diviner
It’s plain to see – Earth is a wonder
Yes it lies, oh it lies, in sleeping beauty
Let peace and harmony reign with tranquility

I need not Will’s sight to view this terrestrial ball
I need not confirmation that the trees are green and tall
But what a sight to behold
Bliss unmeasured, is what he saw, left untold
Earth will lie, oh it lies, in sleeping beauty
Peace, harmony, together in perfect tranquility.

Luke O. Ogar