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If I told you I could illumine the world
Would you hesitate and doubt?
Or frown, with thoughts hurled:
“What you’re daring isn’t worth a bout”

And if I told you I could rip the world apart
And stir up tectonic plates for an armour
Would the shock waves tear out your heart?
Would you behold me with anxiety and tremor?

That the sea would be my dance floor
Embracing the waves sweeping with electricity
Ripples of graceful amplitude in store
The surge will swipe you from the adversity

The forest, in its splendour, takes centre stage for all
Flora and fauna listen with rapt attention
A huge arena with green canopies so tall
Applause from the roar of predators heightens the affection

So, would you still doubt my escapades?
Mother Earth has lent me her support
Father Time told me to go ahead
And Grandmaster God looked at me and smiled

Luke O. Ogar