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If this be a huge sheet of black
Will not my eyes be in lack?
For the blackout seems not to go away
And the dead of night wants to stay
If there be light to see
Dispel this blackness so unworthy

The scene of the dusk is set in beauty
Yet we rewrite the script with plots so ugly
The charm of the red sunsets thrill the horizon
It is transformed into hate, malice, and rebellion rising
If there be light to see
Scorch these thoughts so unworthy

Tar-coloured clouds paint the sky
While tar-coloured minds steal, cheat, and lie
What has the beauty of the heavens
Got to do with leaving the world in sixes and sevens?
If there be light to see
Torch these hearts so unworthy

Walls of confinement, curtains of grey
In secrecy we give ourselves, to vices, away
It’s a living hell in a cell
And it’s what I’d call the Dark Sequel
If there be light to see
Permeate these curtains so unworthy

In pitch blackness I stand in surrender
As I extend my hands towards the glowing ember
Would I have a lit lamp, or a groping spirit instead?
Passions restrained, or let go and fed?
If there be light to see
Brighten the path for these feet so unworthy!

Luke O. Ogar