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“A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgement based upon it.”
Bertrand Russell

Whether things are done by convention or conviction, it is only human that we review, from time to time, our actions if they still hold appropriate. There are indeed many issues that cause controversy of opinions due to the various yardsticks we employ to measure our standards. The five talking points are only random, and are just a few of what I see as popularly mistaken notions. Each man is still entitled to his opinions, and so am I; so here we go.

Be Yourself
How often have heard this phrase? Countless times! But of how much good will this pay us? The one place you’d never want to be yourself is at the job interview — you smile even when vexed; answer all questions even if they’re senseless; be polite even to the most rude employers; etc.

In simple truth, our expressions and actions must match the surrounding environment. I wonder how many of us would be at a social dinner and eat up in three minutes just because that’s how we eat at home? Being yourself should be more of “be unique” or “be original”, but never yourself — you do not want expose your dirty linen in the open.

Boarding Schools Help Children Be More Independent
I do not know what people term as independence. But if they’re thinking what I’m thinking, what’s independent about your timetable made up by someone else? Rise: 05h00; Assembly: 07h00; Classes: 08h00-14h00; Siesta: 16h00; Sports: 17h00; Studying: 21h00. Is this really independence? Everything has been thought out for the student. Or is independence the fact that the student can live outside the care of the parents?

Besides, the false independence these schools hope to give, do they not deprive children of the quality time with family that they deserve, especially in the fragile age of adolescence? I’m not saying boarding schools are bad, but we take them for doing more than they actually do.

I Can’t Wait To Be Through With School
We often say (or said) this because we somehow believe that school is the hardest part of life. How true can this be? We don’t seem to appreciate the fact that while in school, the number of things to worry about are only a few. There is a curriculum to fall to.

There is no curriculum for how to get a job, get married, raise children, or to take care of family. There is no curriculum on how to spend your paycheck, on investment plans, or business opportunities. Thinking for yourself is the hardest part — every other thing is simple enough.

Parallel World
The most important thing about Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation is that a force exists between any two bodies in the universe. In the same vein, everything is connected to all others. In practical terms, there is always something right even in the most wrong statement. There is something sensible even in the most gibberish of syllables.

But wait a minute! What’s the logic behind writing this article on Christmas Eve. What’s the connection? Ehm, I’ll figure that out in the next paragraph.

Don’t Be Sentimental!
Finally, we talk about sentiments as if they were something entirely wrong. Sentiments do matter, and it’s the reason we would put family first — the theme of this Christmas season. Let our sentiments head in the direction of right reason so we can enjoy the gains of true bliss. Sentiments made this article necessary, but unlike the caption, I hope I’m not mistaken.

Luke O. Ogar