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I gazed at the celestial bodies in art displayed
And marvelled at the clouds well laid
But beyond the calm scene of the azure heaven
The night skies turned black before the hour of seven

On that day, snow fell all around
And a huge white blanket covered the ground
But now, our eyes are filled with awe
At the rain of arms bringing blood and gore

Thunderclap, lightning flash, ice pellets
Load, aim and fire, steel bullets
It rains not of ice and frost cohesion
But of the loaded armoury in quick succession

The downpour of frozen crystals aims for the unsheltered
For man and beast alike, left weathered
But the metal arsenal will hit both covered and bare
Sparing none, killing all, till death’s mark we’ll stare

The skies flash not because of the lightning spikes
The echoes are not from thunder peals or the likes
The gunpowder fireworks outline the approaching twilight
And the ‘boom’ of cannons are beats for the ghost town in sight

This day will stand out like a flower’s petal
When rain fell not of ice or sulphur, but of metal
And no doubt, if this rain pours forth
There’d be naught to lay claim as our worth

Luke O. Ogar