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Photo credit: imagesource.com

Among the weeds, we were threwn  and scattered
And like seeds, we were planted side-by-side
For a reason beyond my mind so unlettered
I pondered upon my fate in this field so wide

Sprouts arose and shot into the air
Both seedy and weedy leaves were green
Thriving and flourishing, bright and fair—
This would be the advent for a morrow so lean

Time passed to herald a grotesque plot:
We were overcrowded by our weedy brethren
Being choked to the death became our lot
Seemingly helpless, we were held up like little children

No longer did the evening breeze bring calm—
It only brushed the thorns into my side
No longer was companionship a healing balm —
It only brought down the tears I could not hide

Yet in the midst of this bitter anguish
My sole aim was beyond mere existence
And instead of settling for a reason to languish
Life’s purposes can be achieved with persistence

I may not know the purpose of my brothers so deviant
Nevertheless, what I offer will be my best
And in the end, the adversary will be not so brilliant —
Apprehension will be on the day of harvest.

Luke O. Ogar