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I need no perfect ones
They are not my sons —
Those who love to sit in high places
And look down on the lowly with proud faces
It is ye who condemn on carnal basis
And wrap yourselves like kings in laces

I need no perfect ones
Those with loaded guns —
For they shoot at the frailty of the sinner
And cast him away like a loner
For envy, they would become greener
Until they see their neighbour become a moaner

I need no perfect ones
With self-righteousness in tons —
For with pride they are enriched
Carrying themselves in white gowns so bleached
But hiding away dark hearts so pitched
Till they shatter dreams and have good plans breached

I need no perfect ones
Who store up contempt like water in  gallons
Contempt for the man guided by a different rule
Deeming him a pitiable one and a fool
His dark heart is unlike theirs as white as wool
Such are their thoughts — devoid of self-examination in the cool

I need no perfect ones
They’ll burn in the fire of a thousand suns —
For they have no knowledge of good or right comprehension
Therefore, they’d be cast out as souls of attrition
Save yourselves, ye perfect ones — ye have no need of redemption
For the Lord will only save the people with hearts of contrition.

Luke O. Ogar