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Up in the firmament are red-hot chimneys churning
And the violent blazing flames flaring
There is a fire of bright beams burning—
It is the sun with glorious gleams glaring

It warms over everything around
Conferring a hot, humid, or horrid ground
By its light can both good and bad be found
Albeit we being oblivious of its bound

Its light shines on both the green and rust
And it melts down the ice and frost
The white wilderness of the South is a thawed crust
While the Northern snowfield is being lost

Why does no one see it coming?
No one hears its tone ringing
Yet, it approaches with a buzz humming
And with certainty, it’s the song we’re singing

The sun shines on both the good and evil
Separating men from mules, and the damsel from a devil
Nevertheless, we choose the rot system of the moth and weevil
Until we are bowed down to the zero level

By an assertion of faith on Earth
Sanity and sanctity can be tied round your girth
If ever there be an end to virtue’s dearth:
Regain your humane nature; regain your birth!

Luke O. Ogar