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Why go my eyes a-shutting
While at my chores a-working?
Sleep, a dreadful thought lurking
Ne’er go off my plans awaiting

Tipsy on the mountain edge, I’m falling
Groping with my thoughts, I’m staggering
And cursing in my mind, I’m dreading
All the plans that have me waiting

Sunken eyes, the lids are drooping
Eager mouth, the lips are parting
Supple neck, the head is tilting
How long will be the waiting?

At a standstill, my body is tiring
In the midst of confusion, I’m stuttering
The eyeballs are unsteady, they’re rolling
If only my plans were not awaiting…

Final resolution, the books are closing
With haste, the lights are dimming
And whether or not the work keeps heaping
My plans can stay awhile a-waiting

Luke O. Ogar